All measurements are taken directly on the body.
Take the chest by the part more bulging through the shoulder blades.
The waist is measured by the most narrow part.
The hip is measured by the widest part.

To avoid errors and obtain greater accuracy, whenever possible, get help from a person, to be qualified as possible, to help you make your measurements. We recommend that you take their measures in underwear and similar to that used with her dress. In addition use shoes with the same length of heel that will use the day of your wedding.


To make sure that the clothing is the perfect fit for your body, the clothes have reserved a variation on the specified measures, approximately 3 '5 cm in any direction on the extra fabric that is located in the side seams of the clothing. This will allow you to, if necessary, carry out easy and small modifications to adjust to your body.


*The dresses and accessories with STANDARD SIZE from size EUR 48 will be the consideration of standard size large, and will have a surcharge on the initial price.
*The clothes tailored will have a surcharge on the initial price. For garments with measures that are considered large standard size this will be the only surcharge applied.
*In any case becomes responsible for any changes or adjustments made by the customer or its cost.

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