- A Line/Princess

Clothing line is one of the favourites of the brides, since it fits to various styles of body. This court was notching up to the waist and has a skirt that opens gently in the shape of a triangle or A, creating a smooth line and stylized. It is a court that it is elegant for all types of bodies.

The princess cut is the more classic, the top goes up to slim the waist and usually takes a V-cut to the height of the hip, from where it leaves the skirt that can be voluminous. The princess silhouette type is created with a series of vertical panels creating a very flattering look. Seams form long lines from the neckline, passing by the natural waist, and sliding on the hip by stylizing the body making you look longer and thinner.

Both cuts are very similar because they share design elements such as bust, waist and notching a wide skirt.


- Ball Gown

To this type of wedding dress is also known as fairy tale inspired dress, or Cinderella type. This silhouette is one of the most traditional and romantic. Generally bring bodices adjusted, and her skirt with petticoats arises from the hips, which makes them seem glamourous. Recommended for brides looking for a classic, elegant look, this silhouette enhances your curves to accentuate your bust, waist, and especially your waist after give rise to a large and voluminous skirt. It is the perfect choice for a formal wedding intended as protagonist of a fairy tale.


- Sheath/Column

The wedding dresses Sheath/Column, tube-type fall almost vertically from the shoulders to the ground. These dresses usually tend to embrace the figure by what is accommodated very well to the body. It is perfect for brides who want a modern look and chic. The clothing type or straight column stands out for being notching and sensual, so suitable for brides who want to show off their curves with detail and sensuality. It is ideal for weddings with a lot of style, on the beach, or casual to semi-formal.


- Empire

Wedding dresses empire dresses are easy to cut and elegant that you feel good to bodies with very different figures, why is one of the favourites of brides. Has a very flattering silhouette, characterized by having a short waist that ends just below the bust to give rise to the fall of the skirt, cut straight in to or in different layers. For which this court look even more romantic and ethereal, as a Greek goddess, is dominated by the use of soft fabrics and delicate drop.


- Trumpet/Mermaid

The wedding dresses of this cut, also called style siren, trumpet or Spanish, are a great option to accentuate the figure, since they are characterized by notching the bust, waist, waist, hips, and legs until the height of mid-thigh or up to the knees, where begins the flight of the skirt. Normally the clothes with this cut is the right fit to the body, creating a silhouette very sensual, provocative, elegant, and fun. It’s ideal for both formal and informal wedding.

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