1 CHOOSE THE PRODUCT: Choose the dress or add-on that you want and follow the directions shown on the display. Putting you on the image you'll get an enlargement of the photo to view it in detail.


2SELECT THE SIZE: Standard or Bespoke. If you choose to measure height remember to indicate the measures required in centimeters and fill in the blank spaces that are indicated during the process. See the guide of carvings and as be measured if you have any questions.


3CHOOSE THE COLOR: white or ivory dresses and jackets).  If you want some other colour in particular, please consult with us.


4SHOPPING CART: Add your article to your shopping cart and checked that everything is ok. Then you can choose to continue the purchase or end it. If you want to continue buying repeats the process but if you want to processing your order finalizes the purchase and register. By buying your dress and accessories not forget to enter during the checkout process, promotional codes indicated for great discounts on the total price. Remember that you discounts of up to 150 euros for the joint purchase of a dress and your accessories. We inform you that you can make your order in a simple way by selecting an instant order without registering.


5REGISTRY PERSONAL DATA: Remember that you can place your order by signing up or without record by selecting an instant order. Attends to the prompts and you'll have no problem. In this step the only thing we need is that we disclose your details to getting you your order correctly. The data that we need are: name and surname, or social reason, Nº ID CARD (DNI/NIF/CIF), address, e-mail address and contact telephone number. Once you have entered your data, check that they are correct.


6SHIPPING METHOD: sends their products from Spain, and offers free for Spain and Portugal (only peninsula) express shipping 24/48-hour on-site through the messaging company ENVIALIA. Remnants of national destinies see conditions. For France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and the United Kingdom, offers home delivery in 7 working days, for just 12 euros by the shipping company MONDIAL RELAY. To see conditions and other shipping methods please contact


7SELECT THE PAYMENT METHOD: Choose the method that best suits your needs: Debit/Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. Complete the data required in this process and confirms the operation. For your total peace of mind we would like to inform you that we use payment gateways secure SSL certificates, and in addition there will be no commission.


8CONFIRMATION OF PURCHASE: once the payment has been made you will receive an e-mail confirming the purchase made in From that moment starts the process of production of your article.


If you have any queries, please contact us at

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